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Fit Cuffs® is One-Size-Fits-All as the state-of-the-art Occlusion Training / Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training device from Denmark

Our product selection is designed for Effective, Safe & Convenient BFR with the scope of optimal results from Prehab to Rehab Performance & Maintenance engineered with the highest possible quality standards!

The contoured shaped Leg Cuff V3 has an adjustable cone fit

The Leg Cuff V3 has a wide velcro attachment area that allows for a custom contoured fit which is specifically designed for occlusion training e.g. Blood Flow Restriction. This variable-contour cuff can be adjusted to the shape of the thigh, providing a personalized fit for optimized pressure distribution during exercise. By simply changing the placement of the velcro strap you achieve a personal fit to accommodate any thigh shape, from cone to slim and straight thighs and as always with our products One-Size-Fits-All: Width: 10cm / 4 Inch – Leg Size: 45-85cm / 17.7-33.5 Inch). Additionally, it works perfectly in conjunction with the Bluetooth Device for assessment of Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) and the “Calculate Pressure” module at
To accommodate both cone-tapered thighs and straight-cylindrical thighs, place the velcro strap accordingly:

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The Arm Cuff V3 is designed for swift attachment

Developed exclusively for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training engineered with the scope of convenience by means of faster attachment time. To achieve this, we adopted a reverse velcro design, which makes single hand attachment and adjustments more intuitive. As always with our product selection, this Arm Cuff is designed as One-Size-Fits-All, specified as upper arm circumference from 20-50cm (7.9-20 Inch), width: 7cm / 2.7 Inch. Additionally, it works perfectly in conjunction with the Bluetooth Device for assessment of Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) and the “Calculate Pressure” module at

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The Bluetooth Device is primarily engineered for healthcare professionals. But whether you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach or researcher, this Device was built with your needs in mind. The Bluetooth Device is controlled by an app through standard Bluetooth tech, for swift assessments of Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) aka. Arterial Occlusion Pressure (AOP). This device is simply explained a convenient alternative to handheld dopplers. The Bluetooth Device has undergone comprehensive independent comparative product testing externally at 3 separate universities, verifying high validity and strong reliability compared to handheld dopplers. But unlike handheld dopplers, it only takes 30-120 seconds to measure upper and lower body LOP, respectively and without any prior training or education. Click here to read more

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Blood Flow Restriction & Fit Cuffs® From Prehab to Rehab Performance & Maintenance ⇩

⬇ Prehab

Ease joint pain and even treat it by building strength and muscle mass, when conventional strength training is not an option. This is especially relevant for everyone that is to undergo surgery or even in some cases in order to avoid surgery!

⬇ Rehab

Reduce “Time Loss” and accelerate “Return to Sport”. Get back to your favorite activities much sooner than expected compared to conventional rehab modalities. While injured or post-surgical, BFR allows individuals to become stronger and more resilient at a rapid rate. BFR enables an injured athlete to get back to play in only a fraction of the expected time as you can regain strength, muscle mass, aerobic and anaerobic fitness while injured!

⬇ Performance

Improve sprint speed, aerobic and anaerobic capacity which is imperative for the uninjured athlete as a relevant add-on to conventional exercise and athletic training!

⬇ Maintenance

Help elderly or athletes to sustain their daily activities and prevent in-season injury such as overuse joint pain. BFR is the perfect tool when training and matches inhibit the athlete’s ability to lift heavy in the gym, wherever the goal is to sustain VO2max, muscle mass or strength!

Calculate Pressure (mmHg)

This Module will calculate the recommended restriction pressure (mmHg) as an alternative to setting the pressure relative to Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) for You to experience effective, safe & convenient BFR

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Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP)

As an alternative to the Calculate Pressure Module this enables You to calculate the pressure (mmHg) as a percentage of Your Limb Occlusion Pressure assessed by the Bluetooth Device

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Fitness Calculators

1. Bike Tests (Aerobic Fitness): Submaximal and all-out Bike Tests to estimate VO2 Max, Fitness Level and % of Watt Max or pulse relevant for BFR aerobic exercise.

2. One Rep Max (% of 1RM): Estimate your 1RM and calculate submaximal loads for BFR resistance Training

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Ischemic Pre-Post Conditioning

Short passive intervals with partial or total Limb Occlusion Pressure (90-100% LOP).
1. to attenuate loss of muscle mass when partially bedridden after surgery with load bearing restrictions.
2. Post Exercise for faster restitution.
3. Ischmemic Pre-Conditioning (IPC) for improved performance.

Low Intensity Cardiovascular Exercise

Performed continuously or as intervals with your preferred cardio vascular exercise.
Implications: In extension of 1st application simple cycling or walking when weight bearing activities are appropriate. By applying this modality at early rehab stages, You can actually improve your muscle mass, strength and aerobic function relative to the concurrent physical condition.

Low Intensity Resistance Training

Augment your low-load training by BFR with less joint stress. Implications: Primarily as a bridge towards conventional resistance training during rehab. But also applicable for the average gym rat who would like to increase or maintain strength with less load, which is especially relevant for those who wants to build or maintain muscle mass as a supplement to high-load resistance training programs.

Return To Sport & Performance

By utilizing BFR in Your sports specific activity You can improve athleticism and sports performance e.g. sprint speed, aerobic and anaerobic condition with less intensity compared to conventional performance training. Otherwise applied as common interval training with cuff deflation in the inter-set rest periods.

Why You Should Choose Fit Cuffs® – Read More

Our aim is to let all people experience the effectiveness and safety of a quality Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) device. Regardless of profession, limb size, gender or age, You will have the possibility to combine all components from the current and forthcoming products. So, if you’re a health care provider or trainer, You only need one “Complete” set to service all of your clients with the convenient possibility to expand on Your assortment.

Fit Cuffs is all about applied science, as we continuously strive to innovate the product selection for effective, safe and convenient BFR Training always staying state of the art. Our customers ranges from personal use to clinicians as physical therapists, chiros, strength & conditioning coaches or fitness trainers. Additionally, many of the most prominent researchers of BFR are currently applying Fit Cuffs, primarily because of the scientifically validated Bluetooth Device developed for assessments of Limb Occlusion Pressure.

BFR Training aka Occlusion Training is maybe the most important discovery for decades in the world of strength & conditioning and importantly musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The potential benefit and avenues for applied BFR is relevant for Prehab, Rehab, Performance or Maintenance. That is why our goal is to constantly improve the product selection through innovations.

During the development of the V3 Cuffs, we successfully combined the current Science in (BFR) Training, internal product testing and valuable user experience to create the marked leading BFR device. For future product innovations and upcoming designs, we will retain the industry leading metal connector and One-Size-Fits-All dogma.

The science in BFR is progressively expanding by 2021, so go check this subpage for additional product specifications before choosing Fit Cuffs.

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