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Fit Cuffs® (ApS) is One-Size-Fits-All as the state-of-the-art Occlusion Training (BFR) device. A Danish product, designed for optimal results from Prehab to Rehab Performance & Maintenance by the highest possible quality standards!


Our primary goal has always been to create a product that both is effective, safe and convenient based on the current Science in Blood Flow Restriction Training. We have designed the product in such a way that it fits all people regardless of limb size so if you are a physical therapist or a trainer you only need one set to service all of your clients!

Yes, you only need one complete set of Fit Cuffs to prehab, rehabilitate, improve performance or maintain muscle mass for everyone to achieve their goals!

When you buy a complete set of Fit Cuffs you get a professional product that is tried and tested on +500 people of all ages but also a product with less size than a pair of trainers!

Fit Cuffs utilizes probably the best inflatable cuffs on the marked and an unique and extremely high quality metal quick-disconnector, which makes the product extremely fast to Attach and Detach designed for optimal convenience!

An individual indicative pressure for optimal safety and effectiveness is available by our exclusive app at Google Play Store & Web App. Simply adjusted accordingly by the pressure gauge (Fit Manometer) which is removed during training.

With Fit Cuffs – Complete you get a device exclusively developed for occlusion training as state-of-the-art. In only 10-20 minutes (including attachement and detachement) you achieve a workout comparable to 30-45 min of conventional exercise relevant from Prehab to Rehab Performance & Maintenance!

  • Fit Cuffs® is specifically designed for BFR and fits all people regardless of limb size.
  • Leg Cuffs is 10 cm (4inch) wide and Arm Cuffs is 6 cm (2.5inch) a size that is optimal for effect, safety and convenience.
  • A single bladder which enables you to restrict blood flow at any given percentage.
  • A strong nylon material is used for the cuffs for superior comfort, hygiene, and durability.
  • Specially calibrated App that secures 40-80 % Limp Occlusion Pressure (LOP) every single time.
  • The strong quick-connector allows for quick attachment and detachment while maintaining Cuff pressure for freedom of movement and consistent results.
  • Highly accurate measurements by industry leading pressure gauge (Fit Manometer).
  • From Denmark.

Occlusion training (BFR) is probably the most important discovery for decades in the world of strength & conditioning and not at least musculoskeletal rehabilitation, which is relevant for just about anyone working in Prehab Rehab Performance or Maintenance.

The science in BFR is massive and by the means of Fit Cuffs® you can achieve:

Prehab – Ease joint pain and even treat it by building strength and muscle mass when conventional strength training is not an option. This is especially relevant for everyone that is to undergo surgery or even in some cases in order to avoid surgery.
Rehab – Get back to their favorite activities much sooner than ever. While injured or post-surgical BFR allows everyone to become stronger and more resilient at a rapid rate. BFR enables an injured athlete to get back to sports in only a fraction of the expected time as the patient can regain their strength, muscle mass and even VO2max.
Performance – Improve sprint speed, aerobic and anaerobic capacity also relevant for the uninjured athlete as an add-on to conventional exercise.
Maintenance – Help every athlete to sustain their form and prevent injury during the season, especially when training and matches inhibit the athletes ability to train hard in the gym, this is wherever the goal is to sustain VO2 max or strength.


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