Fit Cuffs – Complete V3 Hard Case

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  • 2 x Leg Cuffs V3 (45-85 cm / 17.7-33.5 Inch)
  • 2 x Arm Cuffs V3 (20-50 cm / 7.9-20 Inch)
  • Fit Manometer (Pressure Gauge) or Fit Manometer Wireless (Long + Standard Hose) in Soft Bag
  • Measurement Tape
  • Hard Carrying Case

This product is calibrated to be used with the Progressive Web App at One-Size-Fits-All.



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Fit Cuffs – Complete V3 Hard Case + This is the brand new curved/cone shaped edition. The Leg Cuff V3 has a wide velcro attachment area that allows for a custom fit. By changing the placement of the velcro strap you get a personal fit that will accommodate any thigh shape. By design, this variable-contour Cuff can be adjusted to the shape of the thigh providing a personalized fit, resulting in an optimized pressure distribution during exercise. Fit Cuffs is a state-of-the-art Training System exclusively developed for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Exercise. Fit Cuffs works by inflating solid yet pliable cuffs by means of a solid pressure (Fit Manometer) and a solid metal quick-disconnectors. (2 x Leg Cuffs V3 45-85 cm / 17.7-33.5 Inch + 2 x Arm Cuffs V3 20-50 cm / 7.9-20 Inch) + Fit Manometer + Measurement Tape + 3 x Hard Cases. One-Size-Fits-All.

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 12 cm



Fit Cuffs

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