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Fit Cuffs® Training System vs. Other Brands

Below is listed some of the reasons of why we find that Fit Cuffs is superior to other similar BFR systems

1. One-Size-Fits-All

Unlike other brands where you have many different sizes and you have to buy several different cuffs, Fit Cuffs is true One-Size-Fits-All. Our default cuff size will fit approx. 99% of all people with only one version for the upper and lower body, respectively.

2. Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) with the Bluetooth Device

It is commonly recommended to use a percentage of Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) / AOP, usually assessed with a hand-held doppler. With Fit Cuffs you have the possibility to use the Bluetooth Device for fast, precise and convenient assessment of LOP.

3. Improved width of the Cuffs

The width of the cuffs is somewhere in-between other brands, as there is nothing as a perfect size cuffs, but only pros and cons.
But a newly published review on BFR on the perceived discomfort, concludes that particularly for the upper body, narrower cuffs seems to be favorable as wider cuffs seems to increase discomfort during exercise.
Narrow cuffs allow for more freedom of movement even though the localized pressure is higher. With a narrow cuff, a smaller area of the muscle is compressed which seems of importance for hypertrophy. The problem with wider cuffs are the muscle tissue directly underneath the cuff experiences less hypertrophy. The favorable mechanism is to compress a narrow area, but not too narrow as the pressure gradient during exercise is much higher with cuffs below 5 cm of width. See the figure from McEwen & Casey (cuff type A & C).

4. Best durability on the market

We are proud to tell you that our product return-rate is below 1%, as shown by our satisfied customers at trustpilot.com.
Fit Cuffs has an unique metal quick-connector in stainless steel, that is extremely durable as opposed to disposable plastic connectors. This unique quick-connector enables re-connection with the Fit Manometer without pressure loss during exercise. Compared with the plastic connector used in by similar companies, the pressure will drop during exercise and re-connection with the pressure gauge. The rather simply design of Fit Cuffs makes for the best longevity on the market, as other companies have higher return rates because of various malfunctions, such as the plastic strap can snap off during attachment of the cuffs.

5. Differentiated pliability

Fit Cuffs is the only system that uses differentiated pliability. Higher pliability for the upper body cuffs, as the muscle expansion of the biceps is relatively larger compared to the thigh muscles. Some companies have rigid upper body cuffs, which can cause tissue damage, as the rigid cuffs won’t allow for muscle expansion during contractions. See the figure from McEwen & Casey (cuff type B vs C).

6. Curved & Straight Cuffs

Leg Cuff V3 – the curved cuff has a wide velcro attachment area that allows for a custom contoured cone fit. This variable-contour cuff can be adjusted to the shape of the thigh, providing an optimized and personalized fit for optimized pressure distribution during exercise.
Leg Cuff V2 – the original straight cuff is designed with a cylindrical shape that fits most people regardless of thigh shape.

7. App module – Fitness Calculators

One Repetition Maximum – By the 1RM module you can estimate your repetition maximum with a submaximal load, or just enter your known 1RM, which is relevant for resistance training combined with BFR.
Aerobic Fitness – The Bike Tests you can estimate Your VO2 Max, Fitness Level and Watt Max, which is commonly known as “indirect tests” of VO2 Max. The tests can be performed on any type of exercise bike. Subsequently, you can use the build-in slider to set the intensity relative to either Watts or Beats Per Minute (BPM) i.e. Heart Rate Reserve (HRR). The features consist of 4(3) different tests build into one module.

8. App module for calculation of individual pressures

As a convenient alternative to assessment of LOP, we recommend individual algorithmic based pressure “Calculate Pressure”. This feature can be assessed at the progressive wep app “Fit Cuffs Training”, with limb circumference as the strongest predictor of this pressure calculation. But as the algorithm has been calibrated to Fit Cuffs in regards to width and pliability, we do not recommend to use it with other cuff types.

Modified Fig. 1 – McEwen & Casey (2009) Measurement of hazardous pressure levels and gradients produced on human limbs by non-pneumatic tourniquets

Fit Cuffs – Arm & Leg Cuff V3

Engineered for Evidence-based Blood Flow Restriction Training

Our primary goal has always been to create a products that is effective, safe and convenient, developed from the current science in Science in Blood Flow Restriction Training. We have designed the product in such a way that it fits all people regardless of limb size, so if you are a physical therapist or a trainer you only need one set to service all of your clients!

Yes, you only need one complete set of Fit Cuffs to prehab, rehabilitate, improve performance or maintain muscle mass for everyone to achieve their goals!
When you buy a complete set of Fit Cuffs you get a professional product that is tried and tested on +1000 people of all ages but also a complete product setup with less size than a pair of trainers!

Fit Cuffs utilizes probably the best inflatable cuffs on the marked and an unique and extremely high quality metal quick-connector, which makes the product extremely fast to attach, inflate, deflate and detach designed for optimal convenience!

An individual indicative pressure for optimal safety and effectiveness is available by our exclusive Web App. Simply adjusted accordingly by the pressure gauge (Fit Manometer) which is removed during training.

With Fit Cuffs – Complete you get a device exclusively developed for occlusion training a State-Of-The-Art. In only 10-20 minutes (including cuff attachment and detachment) you achieve a workout comparable to 30-45 min of conventional exercise relevant from Prehab to Rehab Performance & Maintenance!

  • Fit Cuffs® is specifically designed for BFR and fits all people regardless of limb size.
  • Leg Cuffs is 10 cm (4 inch) wide and Arm Cuffs is 7 cm (2.8 inch) a size that is optimal for effect, safety and convenience.
  • The possibility to assess Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) by Bluetooth tech.
  • No need for an external Doppler.
  • A single bladder system which enables you to restrict blood flow at any given percentage.
  • A strong nylon material is used for the cuffs for superior comfort, hygiene, and durability.
  • Waterproof and doesn’t absorb sweat.
  • Specially calibrated module at training.fitcuffs.com > “Calculate Pressure”, which enables you to train at the sweet spot of 40-80 % Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) every single time.
  • The durable metal quick-connector allows for quick attachment and detachment while maintaining cuff pressure for freedom of movement and consistent results.
  • Highly accurate measurements by industry leading pressure gauge (Fit Manometer).
  • All parts are sold individually and they’re individually replaceable.
  • From Denmark.
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