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Review from Advanced Practice Nurse (ACG) Justin Lee “Reviews And Random”

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“I came across Dr. Mario Novo, who’s one of the world’s leading experts in BFR and an awesome guy. And he told me specifically to look at @fitcuffs as one of the brands toat because he really likes the ability to assess Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP), as this feature is extraordinarily important.”

“I need something that’s comfortable, durable and versatile. So I want both the safety and the efficacy of BFR bands and that they are one hundred percent dependent on the ability to accurately assess the LOP.

So I spent a few weeks looking at dozens of different brands of bands and comparing them with certain key aspects that I learned from the studies that I read. We’ll talk about some of those. And I finally settled on Fit Cuffs and I could talk literally for hours on the information that I’ve compiled before I choose Fit Cuffs. Compared to the vast majority of other brands you need to buy a Doppler to assess LOP.

So what I also liked about Fit Cuffs is that all of these parts are individual and they’re individually replaceable.

The Fit Cuffs Training app is free through their website ( It works great, nice and easy to use.

Fit and comfort: “So you don’t want to compound just the inherent discomfort of our BFR Training with poor design e.g. poorly designed cuffs. So that’s what I really liked about Fit Cuffs, is it seems like they pay really great attention to the details.

Durability: “I use plastic couplers every day at work with my blood pressure cuffs, but that’s because they’re designed to be disposable. So you’re going to actually be inflating and deflating these cuffs multiple times per workout, multiple times per week you need to have a durable coupler like the metal connectors used for all products in Fit Cuffs product setup.

I’m extremely pleased with the design and construction, they’re really well made with attention paid to every detail. No doubt that this thing is built to last and I’m going to have this for years to come. So that being said, let’s move on to the last section, which is versatility:

the placement of the velcro and the fact that the other side of the velcro actually extends all the way around the cuff means that this can be used on about everyone.

So overall, the design of these makes them really some of the most versatile cuffs on the market.”

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Expert Review from Sports Therapy Owner – Sports Therapy Scotland Ltd David Jenkins BSc(hons)

“It’s now been just over a year since I received my Fit Cuffs set from Lars at, I had experience of doing BFR training for several months previous with different cuffs and pumps from various manufacturers.”

“The quality of the Fit Cuffs were noticeable from the onset. Well made and heavy duty nylon is very durable and comfortable as I can use them daily, not just for me but with clients too.

I use the Fit Cuffs successfully for both rehab and pre-hab with clients of all ages and levels from recreational amateur gym goers to professional Team GB athletes.

The important thing about using Fit Cuffs compared to some other brands is the quality of the cuff in how its manufactured and how it feels on the limb. It stays exactly where you want it to and the pump connects easily without any fuss for inflating the cuff and the deflating process is just as easy. The cuff storage case is ideal for making this completely portable to without worrying about the cuffs or pump being damaged in storage or in your kit bag.

Using the Fit Cuffs with the Progressive App brings the whole BFR training with Fit Cuffs to an excellent safe, user friendly experience. It also ensures you reach your intended goal safely with minimum fuss – I highly recommend using Fit Cuffs for clinical, sporting and personal environments. If you have any questions regarding BFR the very knowledgeable team at Fit Cuffs will help.”

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Expert Review from Physical Therapist (MSc) Niklas Grundt

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“The new Leg Cuffs V3 just had to be tested – and I can say this is a significant improvement from both the first and second versions of Leg Cuffs. But why do you need to do occlusion training (BFR)?”

“Isn’t that craze over, maybe for the fitness industry, because the current data tells us it is no more effective than regular resistance training! But if you have injuries and can not do heavy conventional resistance training BFR is definitely still applicable.
However, BFR can also be used for cardio training. In a study on rowers, it was found that a couple of slow rowing sessions a week alongside interval training was significantly effective an interval and slow sessions without BFR, measured on fitness and 2km time (Held et al. 2020).
I am healthy and fit and do strength training in the old-fashioned way, but I have actually started a weekly cardio session with the Leg Cuffs. It feels just as hard as regualar intervals in, but it does not cost the same recovery period, so I can tolerate even more training
I can easily vouch for Fit Cuffs, and have recently bought 2 sets for my work, because of its relevance in rehabilitation.”

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Review from Performance Coach David Webb @webbfit

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“I had a previous experience of BFR training but once using Fit Cuffs my experience and training has gone through the roof.”

My personal sporting performance has improved as well as my aesthetics which has always been a goal for me. The research that the Fit Cuffs back the product up with shows the depth they are willing to go to show the benefits of the product and makes you believe in them. I couldn’t recommend Fit Cuffs anymore than I already do and the company, they are great to work alongside and are extremely helpful.”

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Expert review from Sports Physiotherapist (MSc) @explorekinesis

Occlusion Training, BFR Training, kaatsu, okklusionstræning
“The best non-electronic occlusion device. The usability of Fit Cuffs uses an extremely high-quality cuff that distributes the pressure very smoothly.”

  • Cuffs and Fit Manometer (pressure gauge) are connected via a solid and easily accessible click mechanism.
  • The pressure (mmHg) is kept stable during training.
  • The size of the two cuffs is very suitable for both legs and arms without squeezing the skin and the pressure is perfectly distributed over a larger area.
  • The product itself does not take more space than a bottle, which makes it very easy to carry on the go.

“In addition, the locking mechanism faces downwards, ensuring that the hose does not come out of place. Last, but not least, after attachment and calibration, the user can remove the pump (Fit Manometer) and perform Occlusion (BFR)Training without further adjustment or have hoses hanging around.”

Conclusion – Fit Cuffs is a quality product for BFR in rehabilitation.”

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Expert review from Sports Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist (MSc) – Simon Lindhardt Bertelsen

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“Fit Cuffs is a tool that offer beneficial effects in the rehabilitation program for both patients and athletes, who might not tolerate traditional strength exercises. Some even prefer the use of Fit Cuffs because it´s easy to use and to implement in everyday setting without the need of heavy weights.”

Competitive Strongman & Powerlifter – Colby Strunk

Fit cuffs, fitcuffs, okklusionstræning occlusion training, blood flow restriction exercise, oclusao vascular, vascular occlusion vascular occlusion training bfr training kaatsu, bfr, bfrt, blood flow restriction therapy, bfr exercise,

“My wife introduced me to BFR training methodologies shortly after becoming certified in the field. After much research and speaking to others in the field we ended up purchasing a complete set of the Fit Cuffs based on feedback from her peers.”

“Fit Cuffs quality stands out in comparison the competition. I enjoy the quality material that feels good when applied for training. FitCuffs also hold their pressure well during exercise. Between the two of us, we utilize them often through the week and the Velcro is like new. I can’t say enough positive things about the product, and even more about their customer service and folks behind the brand who are eager to answer and all questions about the products and their application/usage. I would recommend to friends and family without hesitation.”

“Ever since I took a BFR course for continuing ed in 2017, I have been waiting for affordable cuffs that I could purchase for personal use. I am a powerlifter and strongwoman and wanted to utilize personalized BFR training for efficient cardiovascular gains without dedicating too much of my training time to cardio, accessory work, and/or for when I traveled and didn’t have access to a gym… little did I know, these cuffs would get more than their fair share of training time during a pandemic when all gyms closed. These cuffs now go everywhere with me and is a staple in my training program. I have a handheld doppler to assess and reassess my levels of occlusion every few weeks or so… and I am happy with how the cuffs feel consistent in maintaining desired pressure.”

In addition, I really like the material of the cuffs compared to other cuffs I’ve seen, and also like the metal valve vs. plastic in others out on the market.”

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Performance Coach & Physiotherapist – Specialist in Orthopedic Medicine & MMA Conditioning – Grigoris Litsos

“The best occlusion device in the market as overall score”

  • Excellent customer service and support.
  • Really high quality materials.
  • Portability and functionality.

Have been using Fit Cuffs for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. Simple and easy to use and the most important, it does what it should be doing. No cables hanging around, no battery and high tech hassle. Well done.”

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American Professional Wrestler – Zack Clayton Carpinello

“Just wanted to give an update on where I’m at with Fit Cuffs for the Arms. Have been using them for about a month now, in my second workout at my house and after heavy arm training at the gym.”

“I use Fit Cuffs at high intensity for 10-15 minutes, 3 times a week. I wanted to contact you guys, because I knew the impact Fit Cuffs would have on my progress!

HUGE improvements on muscular endurance during training. Thats the biggest takes away for me.
Will be using these in my routine for the foreseeable future! Need to get myself the leg pair next!”

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Physical Therapist at A.F.C Bournemounth – Matt Best

Fit Cuffs, occlusion training, kaatsu bfrtraining, blood flow restriction

“Practical and good level of accuracy.
We have found this product very easy to use with effective benefits. Easy to apply sturdy cuff and with the app, limb occlusion pressures are accurate and standardized.
For a manual pump blood flow restriction tool, this product offers a very effective tool to implement high standard blood flow restriction training.”

Professional rugby player – Francis Saili

“Ever since I got a pair of the lower body Fit Cuffs, it has elevated my training assisting me in my pre workout program for the gym and also before trainings on field to fire up my legs with my profession in rugby. The occlusion of the Fit Cuffs is great assistance for tendon & joint health! It has been great help in my workouts and rehab!”

Professional rugby player – Jimmy Gopperth

Occlusion Training - Okklusionstræning - BFR training - BFR exercise - Kaatsu

“I have been using Fit Cuffs for a while now and they are crucial to my rehab program. What Fit Cuffs have over other BFRE products is they are very strongly built, the strap feels very robust, the quick release valve makes inflation and deflation quick and easy. Overall Fit Cuffs are very easy to use and insure you get the best pump possible.”

Jiri Rutten – Fysio & Manuele Therapeut:

fysiotherapie utrecht oost Logo

“1. Very steady material that can handle the “dutch” patient. I think the material is good for using intensively.
2. The connection between the cuff and the pump is decent. Disconnecting the pump doesn’t deflate the cuff.
3. Patients training with Fit Cuffs have a very intense experience. I even think that the cuff for instance gives a biofeedback and focuses the muscle to activate.”

3rd place Arnold Classic & 3 times Danish Bodybuilding Champion – Gym Owner and Fitness Athlete –  Kenneth Robert Jensen

Kenneth Robert Jensen

“Fit cuffs have taking occlusion training to a whole new level. It is super easy to apply to both yourself and, not least, implement in the training with clients. I can really recommend Fit Cuffs!”

Head of Strength & Conditioning at Plymouth Albion RFC –
Owner of Ultimate Conditioning – Personal coaching – Co-director UC Performance Gym Ltd – James Earp

James Earp.png

“After using an array of Blood flow restriction bands, Fit Cuffs go one better with their product in regards to increasing pressure through on air pump when the bands are situated in position. Their simple to use app helps to keep things standardized so you are not left wondering whether the bands are too tight or too loose. Great product, would highly recommend.”

Physical therapists – Anton Nordström & David Holmgren

Fysio Stockholm

“It is very easy to use and great quality compared to other ones we have used. This goes both for our own use and on clients in our physiotherapy clinic. There has been numerous people asking where to buy it actually. It would have been great to have been able to release the pressure without connecting the pump, otherwise we have nothing but positives to say about Fit Cuffs.”

User experience from a person with arthritis after an intensive BFR period for 6 weeks

Occlusion Training - Okklusionstræning - BFR training - BFR exercise - Kaatsu

“I can really load the muscles without affecting my weak knee. It has made a huge difference for me especially related to the strength, so now it is possible to resume my traditional training and playing Tennis. I would definitely recommend okklusionstræning (BFR) and Fit Cuffs for rehabilitation for many others!”

User experience with symptoms of arthritis after 8 weeks of combined resistance training & BFR

Occlusion Training - Okklusionstræning - BFR training - BFR exercise - Kaatsu

“I used to have increasing knee pain for a long time which has made playing golf difficult and also had morning stiffness and pain. But after I have been using Fit Cuffs for 8 weeks as a supplement to my normal strength training, I have got much stronger legs and I have no longer knee pain in the morning. In addition, my training has meant that I am better at the golf course, e.g. I can drive longer and with less knee pain after 18 holes.”

Expert Review from Okan KAMİŞ, MSc in Sports Sciences – PhD(c)-Gazi University / Lecturer-Aksaray University

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“I have been studying BFR training since late 2016. But when I heard the ‘’One size Fits all’’ I was amazed and I thought how can they create something easy to use, safe and affordable!?”

“Most BFR cuffs in the markets have a limited size range which makes me think twice before purchasing BFR Cuffs. Since the size of the limbs differ among athletes, it can be a pain to choose correct cuff sizes for all athletes.

Thanks to Fit Cuffs for a good “pump” and the short training sessions with great results.

In sum, comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off one handed. Easy to use and effective. Great product!

FYI – You may use Fit Cuffs in the gym but also consider it for your home gym setup!”

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Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist (MSc) developer of Fit Cuffs® & CEO – Lars Pårup

“My interest in BFR originate from personal experience with sports injuries and the lack of effective therapeutic modalities for people with severe arthritis. At the time I started the initial development of Fit Cuffs® back in 2016, no existing alternatives were available with detachable pumps at an affordable price.”