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Fit Cuffs – Pressure Gauges

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  • Fit Manometer – Pressure Gauge (mmHg) with an adjustable gauge for convenient left and right-handed use
  • Hard Case with Zipper
  • Description

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    The Wireless edition of the Fit Manometer (pressure gauge) features inflation, deflation, and inter-set assessments of pressure (mmHg) with or without a tube.
    The Wireless Edition is heavy-duty and comes with the same type of connectors, so this model can be used in conjunction with all of Fit Cuffs products and for all sorts of passive modalities, resistance exercises, and BFR-Cycling. One-Size-Fits-all. We find this to be a convenient option in many situations for lower body exercise, as this optional wireless edition has some obvious assets:

    • Exchangeable standard (50 cm / 20 Inch) and Long length (2.2 meter / 87 Inch) surface treated silicone tube with a male & female quick-connectors to operate all Cuffs and the LOP Devices
    • Instant pressure assessments during inter-set rest periods
    • Swift inter-set deflation and inflation of the cuffs
    • Assessment of pressure fluctuations during exercise
    • Quick pressure adjustments during exercise
    • Rotating gauge for easy bilateral application

    We find this to be a convenient alternative for passive BFR modalities such as Ischemic Precondition (IPC), post-exercise restitution or to apply during periods of immobilization to attenuate muscle loss. Double applications are especially relevant for BFR-cycling. This allows for a convenient assessment of pressure without the need for re-attachment and detachment. Relevant in clinical settings working with people with contraindications and comorbidities as instant pressure display can be preferable.

    Check the videos below for some relevant practical applications with the Wireless Pressure Gauge:

    Wireless Edition – Video 1
    Wireless Edition – Video 2
    Wireless Edition – Video 3
    Wireless Edition – Video 4
    Wireless Edition – Video 5
    Wireless Edition – Video 6
    Wireless Edition – Video 7
    Wireless Edition – Video 8

    Additional information

    Weight 0.4 kg
    Dimensions 17 × 8 × 5 cm


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    Fit Cuffs


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