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Fit Cuffs – Complete (One Size Fits All)

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  • 2 x Leg Cuffs V2.1 (45-85 cm / 17.7-33.5 Inch) – Read more here
  • 2 x Arm Cuffs V2.1 (20-45 cm / 7.9-20 Inch) – Read more here
  • Fit Manometer (Pressure Gauge) in a Hard Case – Read more here
  • 2 pcs. Deflation Plugs
  • Measurement tape
  • Soft carrying bag

This product is calibrated to be used with the Progressive Web App at training.fitcuffs.com & the LOP Device’s. One-Size-Fits-All.


Read or write reviews of fitcuffs.com + products at trustpilot.com
Read or write reviews of fitcuffs.com + products at trustpilot.com

This product is the most basic complete set containing 4 cuffs (V2.1). This is state-of-the-art Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training exclusively developed and redesigned in 2022. Fit Cuffs works by inflating solid yet pliable cuffs by means of a solid pump/pressure gauge and sturdy metal quick-disconnectors.

(2 x Leg Cuffs V2.1 45-85 cm / 17.7-33.5 Inch + 2 x Arm Cuffs V2.1 20-46 cm / 7.9-18.1 Inch). One-Size-Fits-All.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm



Fit Cuffs

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4 reviews for Fit Cuffs – Complete (One Size Fits All)

  1. Matthew Davis

    Features a great tight fit and very easy to operate.
    The nylon cuffs design holds up very well under rugged use.
    This is simpli the best thing that had happened for my training in years.
    So easy to use and relative low cost compaired to the great quality they offer.

  2. Stavros Litsos – Explorekinesis

    The best non-electronic occlusion device. The usability of Fit Cuffs uses an extremely high-quality cuff that distributes the pressure very smoothly.
    Cuffs and Fit Manometer (pressure gauge) are connected via a solid and easily accessible click mechanism.
    The pressure (mmHg) is kept stable during training.
    The size of the two cuffs is very suitable for both legs and arms without squeezing the skin and the pressure is perfectly distributed over a larger area.
    The product itself does not take more space than a bottle, which makes it very easy to carry on the go.
    “n addition, the locking mechanism faces downwards, ensuring that the hose does not come out of place. Last, but not least, after attachment and calibration, the user can remove the pump (Fit Manometer) and perform Occlusion Training without further adjustment or have hoses hanging around.
    Conclusion – Fit Cuffs is a quality product for BFRE in rehabilitation.

  3. Anton Nordström & David Holmgren – Physical therapists

    “It is very easy to use and great quality compared to other ones we have used. This goes both for our own use and on clients in our physiotherapy clinic.
    There has been numerous people asking where to buy it actually. It would have been great to have been able to release the pressure without connecting the pump, otherwise we have nothing but positives to say about Fit Cuffs.

  4. Colby Strunk

    “My wife introduced me to BFR training methodologies shortly after becoming certified in the field. After much research and speaking to others in the field we ended up purchasing a complete set of the FitCuffs based on feedback from her peers. FiTCuffs quality stands out in comparison the competition. I enjoy the quality material that feels good when applied for training. FitCuffs also hold their pressure well during exercise. Between the two of us, we utilize them often through the week and the Velcro is like new. I can’t say enough positive things about the product, and even more about their customer service and folks behind the brand who are eager to answer and all questions about the products and their application/usage. I would recommend to friends and family without hesitation.”

    “Ever since I took a BFR course for continuing ed in 2017, I have been waiting for affordable cuffs that I could purchase for personal use. I am a powerlifter and strongwoman and wanted to utilize personalized BFR training for efficient cardiovascular gains without dedicating too much of my training time to cardio, accessory work, and/or for when I traveled and didn’t have access to a gym… little did I know, these cuffs would get more than their fair share of training time during a pandemic when all gyms closed. These cuffs now go everywhere with me and is a staple in my training program. I have a handheld doppler to assess and reassess my levels of occlusion every few weeks or so… and I am happy with how the cuffs feel consistent in maintaining desired pressure.

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