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Fit Cuffs – Bluetooth Device (LOP)

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Includes: Bluetooth Device for Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) + USB cable for recharging + Solid Female and Male Quick Connector + Hard Case. 230 mmHg SYS(LOP) is the maximum measurable pressure, so if you have excessively large thighs it might not be possible to assess.

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Fit Cuffs – Bluetooth Device (LOP). Research has shown that this method (oscillatory / oscillometric blood pressure measurement), is a valid and reliable way to assess Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) compared to Handheld Doppler Ultrasound, relative to the golden standard i.e. invasive methods. Our product tests is showing a very good inter-rater reliability, by comparing LOP by this Bluetooth Device vs. LOP assessments by Handheld Doppler, as a variance of only 1-3%. This is a convenient and validated alternative to Handheld Dopplers.

Fit Cuffs Blood Flow Restriction Occlusion Training BFR Training BFR Exercise Okklusionstræning

Fit Cuffs Blood Flow Restriction Occlusionstræning BFR Training BFR Exercise Okklusionstræning

Fit Cuffs Occlusion Training Blood Flow Restriction BFR Training BFR Exercise

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Fit Cuffs

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1 review for Fit Cuffs – Bluetooth Device (LOP)

  1. Thomas Christensen

    Works Perfect for both upper and lower body, but I need to have the cuffs really tight before inflation. This is much faster compared to Dopplers!

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