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Expert review from Sports Physiotherapist (MSc) @explorekinesis:

Occlusion Training, BFR Training, kaatsu, okklusionstræning

” The best non-electronic occlusion device. The usability of Fit Cuffs uses an extremely high-quality cuff that distributes the pressure very smoothly. “

  • Cuffs and Fit Manometer (pressure gauge) are connected via a solid and easily accessible click mechanism.
  • The pressure (mmHg) is kept stable during training.
  • The size of the two cuffs is very suitable for both legs and arms without squeezing the skin and the pressure is perfectly distributed over a larger area.
  • The product itself does not take more space than a bottle, which makes it very easy to carry on the go.

“In addition, the locking mechanism faces downwards, ensuring that the hose does not come out of place. Last, but not least, after attachment and calibration, the user can remove the pump (Fit Manometer) and perform Occlusion Training without further adjustment or have hoses hanging around.”

“Conclusion – Fit Cuffs is a quality product for BFR in rehabilitation.”


Professional rugby player Francis Saili:

“Ever since I got a pair of the lower body fitcuffs, it has elevated my training assisting me in my pre workout programme for the gym and also before trainings on field to fire up my legs with my profession in rugby. The occlusion of the Fit Cuffs is great assistance for tendon & joint health! It has been great help in my workouts and rehab!”

Professional rugby player Jimmy Gopperth:

Occlusion Training - Okklusionstræning - BFR training - BFR exercise - Kaatsu

“I have been using Fit Cuffs for a while now and they are crucial to my rehab program. What Fit Cuffs have over other BFRE products is they are very strongly built, the strap feels very robust, the quick release valve makes inflation and deflation quick and easy. Overall Fit Cuffs are very easy to use and insure you get the best pump possible.”
,Occlusion Training kaatsu bfr okklusionstræning blood flow restriction training

Jiri Rutten – Fysio & Manuele Therapeut:

fysiotherapie utrecht oost Logo

“1. Very steady material that can handle the “dutch” patient. I think the material is good for using intensively.
2. The connection between the cuff and the pump is decent. Disconnecting the pump doesn’t deflate the cuff.
3. Patients training with Fit Cuffs have a very intense experience. I even think that the cuff for instance gives a biofeedback and focuses the muscle to activate.”

3rd place Arnold Classic & 3 times Danish Bodybuilding Champion – Gym Owner and Fitness Athlete Kenneth Robert Jensen:

Kenneth Robert Jensen


“Fit cuffs have taking occlusion training to a whole new level. It is super easy to apply to both yourself and, not least, implement in the training with clients. I can really recommend Fit Cuffs!”

Head of Strength & Conditioning at Plymouth Albion RFC –
Owner of Ultimate Conditioning – Personal coaching – Co-director UC Performance Gym Ltd James Earp:

James Earp.png

“After using an array of Blood flow restriction bands, Fit Cuffs go one better with their product in regards to increasing pressure through on air pump when the bands are situated in position. Their simple to use app helps to keep things standardised so you are not left wondering whether the bands are too tight or too loose. Great product, would highly recommend.”

Physical therapists – Anton Nordström & David Holmgren:

Fysio Stockholm

“It is very easy to use and great quality compared to other ones we have used. This goes both for our own use and on clients in our physiotherapy clinic.There has been numerous people asking where to buy it actually. It would have been great to have been able to release the pressure without connecting the pump, otherwise we have nothing but positives to say about Fit Cuffs.”

User experience from a person with arthritis after an intensive BFRE period (6 times per week for 6 weeks):

“I can really load the muscles without affecting my weak knee. It has made a huge difference for me especially related to the strength, so now it is possible to resume my traditional training. I would definitely recommend BFRE and Fit Cuffs for rehabilitation for many others!”

User experience with symptoms of arthritis after 8 weeks of combined resistance training & BFRE:

Occlusion Training - Okklusionstræning - BFR training - BFR exercise - Kaatsu

“I used to have increasing knee pain for a long time which has made playing golf difficult and also had morning stiffness and pain. But after I have been using Fit Cuffs for 8 weeks as a supplement to my normal strength training, I have got much stronger legs and I have no longer knee pain in the morning. In addition, my training has meant that I am better at the golf course, e.g. I can drive longer and with less knee pain after 18 holes.”

Proudly Sponsor of Regional Hospital Horsens Denmark

Fit Cuffs Occlusion Training BFR Blood Flow Restriction Training Kaatsu


Why, when and how to use occlusion training?

– The 4 Pillars of BFRE

BFRE can be effectively combined with training, in several different ways and even without training! These different “applications” should be used accordingly to the objective of the training, this is called “implications”. In popular science we identify these applications as “the 4 pillars of BFRE”:

1. Application

Passive BFR: Short intervals with partial or complete occlusion with or even without muscle work. Follow this link for an abstract on how to slow down loss of muscle mass in even in the absence of muscle work.
Implications: For example, as partially bedridden after major orthopedic surgical operations with severe restrictions, e.g. reconstruction of cruciate ligament or traumatic shoulder luxation’s.
Relevant products for you or your client will be “Rehab – Lower Body” or “Rehab – Upper Body”.

occlusion training, okklusionstræning, kaatsu, bfrt, bfre

2. Application

Combined with cardiovascular exercise: Performed continuously or in intervals with your preferred exercise.
Implications: In extension of 1st application when weight bearing is aloud, simple walking on a treadmill or bike in combination of BFR are useful. You can actually improve your muscle mass, strength and aerobic function depending on the starting point even at this stage. In daily speech, this means that one can improve rapidly, i.e. “fast-track rehabilitation”.
Relevant products for you or your client, primarily: “Performance – Lower Body”, but also “performance – Upper Body” e.g. in the case of exercises with relevant fatigue of the upper body muscles.

3. Application

Combined with low- or moderate load resistance training: Many know BFRE primarily as supplement to low load training.
Implications: For all who wants to increase or maintain their strength but especially for those who want to build or maintain muscle mass often as supplementation to lifting heavy loads.
Relevant products for you or your client: “Fit Cuffs – Complete”.

4. Application

Ischemic pre-conditioning and restitution modality (before or after sports performance): Recent research shows that short-term intermittent occlusion can be used to augment sports performance. Post sports you can optimize recovery time.
Implications: Primarily within elite sports.
Relevant products for you or your client: “Performance – Lower Body” or even “Performance – Upper Body” especially used in the professional climbing/bouldering community.


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Fit Cuffs® (ApS) er et beskyttet varemærke inden for træningsudstyr udviklet til okklusionstræning – Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Exercise. Visionen bag Fit Cuffs er at gøre okklusionstræning nemt, sikkert og effektivt med udgangspunkt i den nyeste forskning. Træningssystemet virker via oppustelige manchetter (Cuffs) som monteres nemt på enten på overarmen eller låret, alt efter om man vil træne over- eller underkrop. Et individuelt tilpasset tryk kan findes via en specielt udviklet app (gå til Web Appen), og tilpasses herefter via en trykmåler (Fit Manometer) som afmonteres under selve træningen. Fit Cuffs har hjemme og er udviklet i Odder Fitness Center og kan også købes ved personligt fremmøde. (www.odfit.dk)

Ekspertanmeldelse fra Sports Fysioterapeut (MSc) @explorekinesis

      • Cuffs og Fit Manometer (trykmåler) forbindes via en robust og lettilgængelig mekanisme.
      • Trykket holdes stabilt under træningen.
      • Størrelsen på cuffs er meget velegnet både ben og arme uden at klemme huden og trykket fordeles perfekt over et større område.
      • Selve produktet fylder ikke mere end en vandflaske, hvilket gør det meget nemt at have med på farten.

Fit Cuffs har udviklet et kvalitetsprodukt til okklusionstræning og rehabilitering.


Anmeldelse fra bruger efter intensiv træningsperiode med Fit Cuffs

”Jeg kan virkelige belaste musklerne uden det påvirker mit svage knæ. Det har haft betydning for mig på længere sigt ift. styrken, så nu er det muligt at genoptage min træning fra tidligere. Jeg vil helt sikkert anbefale okklusionstræning og Fit Cuffs til genoptræning for mange andre!”

Fit Cuffs gør det muligt, at træne med delvis okklusion på en nem, sikker og effektiv måde!


Uddybende fremgangsmåde: Som forberedelse inden træning bør man finde et individuelt tilpasset tryk (mmHg), dette kan findes via vores app på google play store eller via Web Appen. Derefter monteres en cuff på armen nærmest armhulen eller lysken. Derefter benytter man Fit Manometret som er den kombinerede trykmåler og pumpe, til at inflatere cuffen, hvorved blodgennemstrømningen begrænses. Denne procedure gentages hvis man vil træne begge sider af kroppen. Det anbefales at man som førstegangsbruger ikke træner mere end 10-15 minutter, men efter en kort tilvænningsperiode, kan man øge træningstiden til ca. 20 min. for henholdsvis arme og ben. Der er derfor ikke noget i vejen for, at man kan benytte Fit Cuffs til armene og benene under samme træningssession. Dog anbefaler staben bag Fit Cuffs, at man ikke benytter cuffs på over- og underkroppen på samme tid, da eventuelle bivirkninger ikke er undersøgt grundigt videnskabeligt endnu. Når man er færdig med sin eller sin klients træning er det vigtigt at man deflatere (tømmer) cuffen fuldstændigt for luft ved benyttelse af Fit Manometeret.


Hvorfor, hvornår og hvordan bør man benytte okklusionstræning?

– De 4 Søjler inden for Okklusionstræning (BFRE)

BFRE kan effektfuldt kombineres med træning, på flere forskellige måder og endda helt uden træning! Disse forskellige måder kaldes for ”applikationer”, og bør anvendes alt efter udgangspunkt og målsætningen med træningen, dette kalder man for ”implikationer”. I den populærvidenskabelige litteratur har man valgt at rubricere disse applikationer som “de 4 søjler inden for BFRE”:

1. Applikation

Passiv BFR: Intervaller med komplet eller delvis okklusion med eller uden muskelarbejde. Følg dette link for at læse hvordan man effektfuldt kan bremse tabet af muskelmasse i fraværet af muskelarbejde og få en forklaring på hvorfor det virker.
Implikationer: Fx som delvis sengeliggende, efter større ortopædkirurgiske operationer med strenge restriktioner fx ved rekonstruktion af korsbånd. Eller akut efter voldsomme skader fx skulder der er gået ud af led (luksationer).
Her vil det relevant produkt for dig eller din klient være ”Rehab – Lower Body” eller ”Rehab – Upper Body”.

2. Applikation

Kombineret med kredsløbstræning: Udført kontinuert eller i intervaller sammen med din foretrukne kredsløbstræning.
Implikationer: I forlængelse af 1. applikation. fuldt vægtbærende, så vil simpel gangtræning eller cykel kunne benyttes. Man vil kunne forbedre sin muskelmasse, styrke og anaerobe og aerobe funktion alt afhængigt af udgangspunktet. I daglig tale betyder det, at man kan forbedre sin “form”, på et meget tidligere stadie under et genoptræningsforløb, kaldet for “fast-track-rehabilitation”.
Relevante produkter for dig eller din klient, primært: ”Performance – Lower Body”, men måske også ”performance – Upper Body” fx i tilfælde af konditionstræning med udmattelse af overkroppens muskulatur.

3. Applikation

Kombineret med lav- til moderat tung styrketræning: Den mest benyttede og omtalte træningsform inden for BFRE er styrketræning med lette belastninger.
Implikationer: For alle dem der gerne vil øge deres styrke men især for dem der vil opbygge eller vedligeholde muskelmasse, men enten ikke kan eller vil løfte tunge vægte.
Relevante produkter for dig eller din klient: ”Fit Cuffs – Complete” / ”Performance – Upper Body” / ” ”Performance – Lower Body”.

4. Applikation

Iskæmisk prækonditioner og restitutions modalitet (før og efter sportspræstationer):
Nyere forskning viser, at man kan benytte kortvarige intervaller med komplet okklusion til at øge sin performance, fx på løbebanen og efter træning, til at optimere restitutionstiden.
Implikationer: Primært inden for eliteidræt.
Relevante produkter for dig eller din klient: ”Performance – Lower Body”.


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