THR- End Stage Rehab – Part 9/?

June 19, 2023 0 By fitcuffs
THR- End Stage Rehab – Part 9/?

📣❔️Rehab specialists and orthopedic surgeons, this request goes out to your professional opinions on the following matter: Alex participation in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) 4.5 months after undergoing a THR?👍/🤙/👎

We highly value your expertise and would greatly appreciate hearing your perspectives on this topic!👋

In our previous post, we discussed Alex’s rehab protocol, which also includes hip-specific conventional resistance training. Recently, he started during specific functional tasks, i.e., obstacles to be prepared for the OCR – @nordicrace.

Currently, 4 months post-op, Alex feels more comfortable than ever, and he has achieved normalized strength levels and functional abilities, with minimal asymmetry between his left and right sides.

Although his running form is not yet perfect, he experiences only minor discomfort in the hip and thigh areas. Despite being aware of the potential risks associated with his alloplastic implant, he remains determined to succeed in the race.

The complete process of ossification and thereby full strength in the bone-to-metal interface typically takes several years. But the initial osseointegration typically takes 4 to 12 weeks for full integration, Although Alex will be approximately 18 weeks post-op on race day, indicating a seemingly adequate timeframe, it must be acknowledged that participating in an OCR race involves certain risks..

So, we would like to hear your thoughts on whether Alex’s decision to participate in the OCR race 4.5 months after his Total Hip Replacement is considered brave, foolish, or simply absolutely contraindicated!?

During a recent 5RM test in the Leg Ext. Alex felt slight discomfort profound within the thigh reminiscent of the post-op pain.

So, please share your potential insights on whether this distinct discomfort during the 5RM test can be associated with the process of bone-to-metal healing when considering quadriceps partial origin on the femur?🤔

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