Phone Praying Split-Squats after THR – Part 7/?

April 13, 2023 0 By fitcuffs
Phone Praying Split-Squats after THR – Part 7/?

It could be argued that if you can handle a phone call during BFR Training, you aren’t anywhere near the right intensity.

Some of the more functional-oriented trainers and physical therapists might see this as a meaningful progression. Either way, Alex knows he has done wrong and quickly adopted the praying pose to make up for his mischief.🙏

Joking aside, for Alex, all single-legged pressing motions have felt uncomfortable in the hip area up until now. Because of this, we have just recently added split squats to his BFR program.

As mentioned in a recent post, triple extension is an important part of hip arthroplasty rehab. The actual question in this regard is how much of a proximal effect BFR has, in this case, on the gluteus musculature and why? When inspecting the data, BFR training seems to perform better on proximal gains compared to no-BFR-matched controls, but how!? Hedt et al. (2022).

However, he is still doing great and is now 8➡️9 weeks post-op. Because of his rapid progress and declining asymmetry, we have switched out the prone-unilateral leg curl for the proposed more effective seated variant done bilaterally. Maeo et al. (2020)

Hedt et al. (2022) Blood Flow Restriction Enhances Rehabilitation and Return to Sport: The Paradox of Proximal Performance

Maeo et al. (2020) Greater hamstrings muscle hypertrophy but similar damage protection after training at long versus short muscle lengths.

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