Wireless i.e., Tubeless BFR Training

April 10, 2023 0 By fitcuffs
Wireless i.e., Tubeless BFR Training

This post and video on display are all about the Wireless Pressure Gauge with perfectly executed pressure calibrations which should be used before BFR Training.

FYI – Alex is doing great! But more about this progressive rehab after Hip Arthroplasty/THR with BFR in a soon-to-be-released post. So stay🎚📺!

🔍The “Wireless” edition of the pressure gauge has some obvious assets primarily for lower body BFR Training💡:

✔Direct applications without the need for a tube.

✔Exchangeable long (2.2 meter / 87 Inch) & standard length surface-treated silicone tube with male & female quick-connectors to operate all Cuffs and the LOP Device.

✔Adjustable rotating gauge for easy left or right-handed + bilateral/dual use.

✔Swift pressure assessments during inter-set rest periods.

✔ Instant assessment of pressure fluctuations during exercise.

✔Swift inter-set deflation and inflation of the Cuffs.

✔Quick pressure adjustments during exercise.

✔Push-button for rapid deflation of the Cuffs.

✔Solid metal body and frame for optimal durability.

For more information concerning the Wireless Pressure Gauge check the main page fitcuffs.com: “Fit Manometer Wireless”

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