Wireless i.e., Tubeless BFR Training

April 10, 2023 0 By fitcuffs

This post and video on display are all about the Wireless Pressure Gauge with perfectly executed pressure calibrations which should be used before BFR Training.

FYI – Alex is doing great! But more about this progressive rehab after Hip Arthroplasty/THR with BFR in a soon-to-be-released post. So stay🎚📺!

🔍The “Wireless” edition of the pressure gauge has some obvious assets primarily for lower body BFR Training💡:

✔Direct applications without the need for a tube.

✔Exchangeable long (2.2 meter / 87 Inch) & standard length surface-treated silicone tube with male & female quick-connectors to operate all Cuffs and the LOP Device.

✔Adjustable rotating gauge for easy left or right-handed + bilateral/dual use.

✔Swift pressure assessments during inter-set rest periods.

✔ Instant assessment of pressure fluctuations during exercise.

✔Swift inter-set deflation and inflation of the Cuffs.

✔Quick pressure adjustments during exercise.

✔Push-button for rapid deflation of the Cuffs.

✔Solid metal body and frame for optimal durability.

For more information concerning the Wireless Pressure Gauge check the main page fitcuffs.com: “Fit Manometer Wireless”

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