Total Hip Replacement (THR) – BFR Roar – Part 6/?

March 21, 2023 0 By fitcuffs
Total Hip Replacement (THR) – BFR Roar – Part 6/?

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In the video above, we have turned down the sweet beats for you to see or rather hear the real struggle of pushing yourself close to the limits with BFR.

Status at 6 weeks post-op:
For Alex getting back to his previous activity level and general functioning ASAP is simply paramount and he definitely knows what it takes to achieve the fastest possible results.

Consider that with Low-load BFR there is minimal stress to the osseointegration of the interface surfaces within his hip. And secondly but importantly, this is plausible the fastest possible way to get the corresponding muscles back to their previous physiological state.

The struggle is real and remember, lift with intent and the price will be high!💪🏽

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