Total Hip Replacement (THR) Rehab with Blood Flow Restriction – Part 5/?

March 16, 2023 1 By fitcuffs
Total Hip Replacement (THR) Rehab with Blood Flow Restriction – Part 5/?

Currently, 4➡️5 weeks post-op. Alex’s exercise selection is expanded yet again with some classic wall-squats and a reassessment of LOP.

As you can see on his left operated side the latest LOP assessment displays a huge development compared to the previous test (post from Feb 21), which was just shy of 2 weeks post-op, as 176 vs 146 mmHg, respectively.

That is also why it is commonly advised to reassess LOP frequently, especially in the early post-op phase. That is because both the vascular and muscular system is compromised early post-op as a consequence of the immobilization or in Alex’s case the partial weight-bearing restrictions.

Concerning the choice of wall squats instead of conventional squats or leg presses relates to the inherently deeper hip flexion associated with these exercises which also felt uncomfortable for Alex. So, we adopted this variation to rapidly add at least one “effect-full” triple extension exercise into his plan of care to go along with the standard care protocol.

Stay cliche and tuned for more on BFR-specific training post-THR.

Relevant BFR sources to dive into:
Bartolomei et al. (2022) A Comparison between High and Low Cuff Pressures on Muscle Oxygen Saturation and Recovery Responses Following Blood-Flow Restriction Resistance Exercise

Cognetti et al. (2022) Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and Its Use for Rehabilitation and Return to Sport- Physiology, Application, and Guidelines for Implementation.

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