Total Hip Replacement (THR) Rehab with Blood Flow Restriction – Part 4/?

March 8, 2023 0 By fitcuffs
Total Hip Replacement (THR) Rehab with Blood Flow Restriction – Part 4/?

Currently, just 3 weeks post-op. Alex’s exercise had been expanded with unilateral leg curls to isolate the hamstrings as an adjunct to the glute bridge.

With the leg extension, we are progressively adding more weight each training session. Just as expected in the early post-op phase it is possible to add about 1kg (2.2lbs.) to every other training session as an effect of the spontaneous remission associated with slowly ditching the crutches and his perfect compliance with the exercise protocols.

For the BFR exercises using an external load, we’re using pressures at 60-70% of Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP/AOP). Specified as continuous BFR applications with about 1 min break without BFR in the inter-exercise rest periods. And finally, but probably not surprisingly, the standard rep protocol of 30x15x15x15 with 30-45 s. inter-set rest.

For the Glute bridge with inherently less adjustability, he is presently at about 80% LOP.

His current training frequency is 3/weekly for the BFR in addition to the daily standard care hip-specific drills post-THR.

Just as before stay tuned for more on BFR-specific training post-THR.

Relevant sources to dive into concerning wide-ranging rehabilitation with BFR:
Jakobsen et al. (2022) Blood flow restriction added to usual care exercise in patients with early weight bearing restrictions after cartilage or meniscus repair in the knee joint- a feasibility study

Charles et al. (2020) A systematic review of the effects of blood flow restriction training on quadriceps muscle atrophy and circumference post ACL reconstruction.

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