Introducing the LOP Device (V1.1)

August 24, 2022 0 By fitcuffs
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📵 The most noticeable improvement of this upgraded gadget vs the original Bluetooth Device, is that it no longer need an external hub/phone.❕️

Check also the follow-up Post (September 01, 2022) concerning Lower-Body LOP measurements.

📺 In display you will find the rather simple instructions for the new device. That is swift, reliable and valid measurement of Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP).

💡 This appliance is simply more convenient compared to the previous version, as you do not have to worry about installing and running an app on your phone using bluetooth tech.

🚦 The V1.1 has a small LED display that guides you through the process of assessment and shows LOP.

📲 The app connection is kept, but only as an adjunct. This can be of relevance for easy tracking and saving multiple users consecutive measurements!

♻️ The most noticeable advantages spec of the LOP Devices vs other brands is the use of a standard pressure gauge for inflation.

🔋 This becomes apparent during sup LOP inflation pressures, as relative high power output is needed to reach pressures about or > 200 mmHg! Some people simply prefers not to have yet another techy device that needs frequent recharging or instant power supply as either is necessary for the automatic BFR devices..

💡 To accommodate this issue, the high-powered process of inflation is obviously kept manual while operating the LOP Device.

⚙️ So, the only hardware needed within the LOP Device is a small processor, a few RAMs, pressure sensor (oscillometrics), LED display and a lego brick-sized lithium battery.

♾️ Nevertheless, this basic setup means near indefinite capability as about 1000 measurements on a single charge! Yep, You should definitely not worry about re-charging anytime soon..

🗯 Dare ventures, with this small piece of tech, it has never been more easy to detect the pressure needed for safe and effective BFR stimuli!

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